Length - 4500mm / Beam - 600mm / Weight 22kg / Cockpit Length 780mm - Width 425mm


The Challenge Breeze is moulded using the latest polyethylene resins, allowing us to produce lighter and stronger kayaks.


The Challenge Breeze is both agile and responsive, with excellent stability, making it suitable for both beginners and more advanced paddlers. It is a multi-purpose kayak at home on lakes, rivers, in surf, in rockpools and around coastlines.


The Challenge Breeze has two stowage compartments, (front 48ltrs. - rear 86ltrs) enabling you to keep your equipment dry on extended trips. Access is through deck hatches. Rear (320mm) Front (210mm). Hatch covers comprise of a neoprene under cover and a polyethylene outer cover, both of which are attached to the kayak to avoid accidental loss.



RUDDER - The Challenge Breeze incorporates a footbrace / rudderbar system that enables you to adjust the steering system for a personalised fit whilst seated in the kayak on the water. The rudder is unique and is designed to keep the blade down in the water while paddling, but allowing it to kick up if it hits an object in the water or when beaching the kayak.

BULKHEADS - The bulkheads are a 2 part system that has proven extremely reliable in our previous models. The seat and adjustable back rest offer full support with the back rest incorporating thermally insulating materials for extra warmth and comport. Standard deck fittings include front and rear deck cargo bungees, safety lines, carrying handles and paddle float straps.

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